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Cafe de Paris was founded in 2009 in Ulsan, South Korea. We started the franchise business in 2014, and are currently developing stores in South Korea, such as Myeongdong, Garosu-gil, Hongdae, and Busan. We have overseas bases in 9 countries. In 2019, it landed in Japan for the first time.

The fruit parfait "Bonbon" originated in Cafe de Paris.

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A sister brand [Smoothie Labo] newly born from Cafe de Paris Japan.
[Kumo Smoothie] is inspired by clouds floating in the sky.
This is our refreshing main menu.



At Cafe de Paris Japan,
Cafe de Paris, Smoothie Lab
We are looking for franchisees.
​Would you like to join us?



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​ find new value in all materials related to cafe drinks
Pioneer company [KAFFA] Japanese general agent

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